12. Dissemination

This chapter collects various presentations and documents related to dissemination events like workshops and presentations. All “raw” documents can be found in the project GitHub repository at https://github.com/smartemission/smartemission/tree/master/docs/platform/_static/dissemination.

12.1. Workshop 17 dec 2015

In the context of the Smart Emission project a workshop was held at Geonovum on Dec 17, 2015. The main subjects were:

  • presenting OGC standards in general (WMS, WFS, CSW) and in particular Sensor-related (SWE, SOS)
  • hands-on demo’s for several clients and visualisations (QGIS, ArcGIS and Heron)

12.2. Citizen Meetup 26 may 2016

Meeting held in Nijmegen, on May 26 2016.

12.2.1. Slides

The agenda and presentation slides, all in PDF, can be found here:

12.3. Project Meeting 12 july 2016

Meeting held in Nijmegen, on July 12 2016.

12.4. Geospatial World Forum 24 may 2016

Smart Emission was presented at the Geospatial World Forum (GWF) in Rotterdam on may 24, 2016. The presentation from Smart Emission is here:

12.5. Sensor Webs Conference 30 aug 2016

Smart Emission was presented at the Geospatial Sensor Webs conference organized by 52°North in Münster Germany.

“Under the motto “Geospatial Sensor Webs”, the 52°North Open Innovation Network aims to provide a forum in which sensor web researchers and practitioners can present and discuss their ideas, use cases and solutions. … The 2016 Workshop and Conference continues the series of 52°North workshops on Sensor Web technologies, which started in 2013.”

12.5.2. Papers

For this conference the SE project submitted a paper for the proceedings. The proceedings named “Proceedings of the Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2016”, Münster, Germany, August 29 - 31, 2016 by Simon Jirka, Christoph Stasch, Ann Hitchcock (Eds) can be found online at http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1762/

The SE-paper “Smart Emission - Building a Spatial Data Infrastructure for an Environmental Citizen Sensor Network” by Michel Grothe et al is here as PDF:

12.5.3. Links

12.6. Evaluation Meeting 21 sep 2016

An internal and external evalution meeting was held on sept 21, 2016 in “Wijkcentrum De Biezantijn”, Nijmegen.

12.7. Presentation 28 nov 2016

An internal presentation on Smart Emission, AirSensEUR and SensorThings API was held on nov 28, 2016 at the “Springplank” lunch meetup at Geonovum.

12.7.1. Slides

The presentation slides are here:

12.8. Symposium RIVM “Samen meten aan Luchtkwaliteit”

Op 7 december 2016 organiseerde het RIVM centrum Milieukwaliteit het symposium “Samen meten aan luchtkwaliteit: innovatie, sensoren en citizen science”. Tijdens het symposium kwamen partijen bijeen die de lokale luchtmetingen naar een hoger plan tillen.

SE held a workshop on “Data”. Links below:

12.8.1. Slides

The presentation slides (PDF and PPT) from the Smart Emission Data workshop (Verdonk, Nouwens, van den Broecke, Geurts) are here:

12.9. Presentatie bij RIVM - 17 jan 2017

Presentatie door Just van den Broecke in kader mogelijke overdracht/samenwerking met RIVM voor het SE Platform.

12.9.1. Slides

The presentation slides (PDF) are here:

12.10. Emit Blog Posts - 2018+

Emit #1+ – series of blog posts on SE Platform by Just van den Broecke on justobjects.nl

12.11. INSPIRE Confrence 2018 - Antwerp

Presented by Linda Carton at INSPIRE Conference in Antwerp on sept 20, 2018:

  • Title: Development of a national Spatial Data Infrastructure for Open Sensor Data based on citizen science initiatives
  • Authors: Linda Carton, Paul Geurts, Just van den Broecke, Janus Hoeks, Michel Grothe, Robert Kieboom, Hester Volten, Jene van der Heide, Marga Jacobs and Piet Biemans
  • Abstract
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)