3. Components

This chapter gives an overview of all components within the SE Platform and how they are organized into a (Docker/Kubernetes) microservices architecture.

A Component in this architecture is typically realized by a Docker Container as a configured instance of its Docker Image. A Component typically provides a (micro)Service and uses/depends on the services of other Components. A deployed Component is as much self-contained as possible, for example a Component has no host-specific dependencies like Volume mappings etc.

Docker Images for SE Components are maintained in the SE GitHub Organization and made available via the SE Docker Hub

Components are also divided into (functional) categories, being:

  • Apps - user-visible web applications
  • Services - API services providing spatiotemporal data (WMS, WFS, STA etc)
  • ETL - data handling, conversions and transformations, ETL=Extract Transform Load
  • Datastore - databases
  • Mon - monitoring and healthchecking of the SE Platform
  • Admin - administrative tools, access resticted to admin users

Some Components may fit in multiple categories. For example a Grafana App to visualize monitoring data will be an App and Monitoring category.

These components are deployed within Kubernetes (2018, Kadaster PDOK migration).

3.1. Overview

In the table below all Components are listed, their function, source (GitHub, GH) and Docker (Hub, DH) repositories, Categories, and for development strategy, their priority for the 2018 SE migration to Kubernetes (K8s). The “Status” column denotes the availability of the Docker Image for K8s deployment:

  • -=not yet started
  • inprog=in progress
  • avail=available for deploy
  • done=deployed in K8s
  • status on feb.12.2019
Name Categories Function Repos Prio Status
Home Apps Platform home/landing page GH DH 1 done
Admin Apps,Admin Admin access pages GH DH 2 done
Heron Apps Viewer with history GH DH 1 done
SmartApp Apps Viewer for last values GH DH 1 done
Waalkade Apps Viewer Nijmegen project GH DH 1 done
GostDashboard Apps,Admin Admin dashboard Gost GH DH 3 onhold
Grafana Apps View InfluxDB Data GH DH 2 done
GrafanaDC Apps View InfluxDB Data Collector Data GH DH 2 done
Chronograf Apps,Admin Admin dashboard InfluxDB GH DH 3 onhold
SOSEmu Services REST API SOS subset GH DH 1 done
GeoServer Services WMS (Time), WFS server GH DH 1 done
Gost Services SensorThings API (STA) server GH DH 2 done
SOS52N Services 52North SOS server GH DH 3 done
Mosquitto Services MQTT server coupled with Gost GH DH 2 done
PhpPgAdmin Apps,Admin Manager PostgreSQL GH DH 2 done
HarvesterLast ETL Harvester last sensor data GH DH 1 done
HarvesterWhale ETL Harvester historic sensor data GH DH 1 done
HarvesterInflux ETL Harvester InfluxDB sensor data GH DH 2 done
HarvesterLuftdat ETL Harvester Luftdaten sensor data GH DH 2 done
HarvesterRivm ETL Harvester RIVM ANN ref-data GH DH 2 done
Extractor ETL Extract SE refdata for ANN ref GH DH 2 onhold
Calibrator ETL ANN Learning engine GH DH 2
Refiner ETL Transformation/Calibration GH DH 1 done
SOSPublisher ETL Publish refined data to SOS GH DH 3 done
STAPublisher ETL Publish refined data to STA GH DH 2 done
InfluxDB Datastore Calibration refdata/collector GH DH 2 done
InfluxDB DC Datastore Data Collector AirSensEUR GH DH 2 done
Postgis Datastore Main database (not used in K8s) GH DH N.A. N.A.
Traefik Services Proxy server (not used in K8s) GH DH N.A. N.A.
Prometheus Mon,Apps Monitoring metrics collector GH DH 4
AlertManager Mon Prometheus (Prom.)alerter GH DH 4
CAdvisor Mon Prom. Docker metrics exporter GH DH 4
NodeExporter Mon Prom. host metrics exporter GH DH 4
GrafanaMon Mon,Apps Grafana Dashboards Prometheus GH DH 4